Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum wins Democratic nomination in Florida gubernatorial race upset

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DeSantis will go up against Democrat Andrew Gillum in the general election.

American Bridge, closely associated with the Democratic Party and heavily funded by NY billionaire George Soros, contends in a news release that the ad is part of a campaign aimed at painting DeSantis as someone focused on appeasing Trump, "not helping Florida families".

DeSantis: Florida voters shouldn't "monkey this up" by voting for black candidate.

The DeSantis campaign said it would be "absurd" to characterize his remarks as racist.

Less shocking is the Florida GOP's embrace of DeSantis, an ardently conservative congressman whose biggest asset was Trump's endorsement. The last six presidential election winners won Florida.

A victory would mark a change in fortunes for Florida Democrats, who have not held the governor's office for 20 years, and have lost close races after nominating moderates who failed to generate enough enthusiasm, particularly among key minority voters. With Stacey Abrams' nomination in Georgia, there are now parallel governors' races taking place in the neighboring states, pitting a progressive African-American against a Trump-backed nationalist. Both candidates will try to lure Hispanic voters, though Republicans tend to court South Florida Cubans while Democrats typically reach out more to Central Florida Puerto Ricans. What would Occam's Razor say: DeSantis used an unfortunate turn of phrase innocently or DeSantis is executing a bank-shot tribalist strategy premised on having the national media call him a racist for the next 36 hours?

Greg Gutfeld said you have to "suspend belief" to think that DeSantis meant the term as a racial slight and not as a "verb" to carelessly hurt something. We're proving, that if progressives come together, we can win.

DeSantis based almost his entire primary run Trump and acknowledged his endorsement was the key.

The most plausible argument I've seen for the theory that DeSantis did it deliberately and strategically, not innocently, came from Josh Barro, who wondered if DeSantis wasn't trying to signal to righties so much as to lefties.

Republican McSally is running for retiring Sen. Gillum won the Democratic nomination in an upset.

Suddenly, he was considered the favorite over Putnam, who seemingly spent his entire adult life building toward the run for governor. His television ads were Trump-focused, including one where his toddler stacks bricks while DeSantis exclaims, "Build the wall!"

Gillum scored a surprise victory in Tuesday's Democratic primary for one the United States' most competitive races for governor.

Among Democrats, billionaire club member and gubernatorial candidate Jeff Greene spent upwards of $15 million of his own money on attack ads against the two Democratic front-runners, Gwen Graham and Phil Levine, in the closing weeks. Orlando-area businessman Chris King also ran, and finished last. "People are starting to wake up and realize what we need for America and that is people who care and who have served and that want to make a better America where we work for it and it's not just handed to us". He was elected mayor in 2014.

But the win also comes as the FBI is investigating corruption at city hall.

"During the interview, he made what some are calling an inappropriate comment about his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum", Smith said.

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