Vigil held for pregnant wife, daughters

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She added that Christopher Watts is scheduled to appear in court in person on Tuesday to be read his rights regarding the charges.

The oil and gas tanks their bodies were reportedly found in had been almost full when the corpses were dumped, according to local media.

Shanann Watts, 34, and her two children Bella, 3, and Celeste, 4, have been missing since August 13, 2018, from Frederick, Colorado.

An autopsy completed Friday afternoon confirms the identity of three bodies found earlier in the week as those of Shanann, Celeste, and Bella Watts.

The couple had reportedly had marital stress, and Shanann and the daughters had recently spent six weeks in North Carolina with her family, arriving back in Colorado on August 7.

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation spokeswoman Jennifer Brice said Watts is a former employee, but declined to say when he left the company.

Ashley Bell met Shanann Watts about two years ago, when the 34-year-old mother of two came into Bell's new tanning salon in nearby Dacono.

Ms Watts had worked in a call centre at a children's hospital at the time.

On Wednesday, police took Chris Watts into custody.

Still, they were about $70,000 in debt, most of it from student loans and credit card purchases, according to the filings.

The Frederick Police Department arrested Christopher Watts, 33, that night on suspicion of first-degree murder and evidence tampering - three counts each. She wasn't here, the kids weren't here, it was like they were here and then they were gone'.

Ms Watts' upbeat Facebook and Instagram posts about her daughters, pregnancy and love for her husband have left family and friends searching for answers following the murders. A TV station, Denver 7, said Watts has confessed to the freaky killings.

Chris Watts' daughters who he allegedly smothered to death.

Richard Eikelenboom, the expert cited by Watts' attorney, also recommended taking DNA samples from the girls' hands and the hands and nails of their mother.

"Defense counsel had an opportunity to speak with a DNA expert this morning".

When asked by the reporter whether they argued, Watts said, "We had an emotional conversation, I'll leave it at that".

It's not clear whether a judge ordered the coroner's officer to swab for DNA.

Their bodies were found on Thursday on property owned by Andarko Petroleum, one of Colorado's largest oil and gas drillers, where Watts worked as an operator. I was just diagnosed with lupus and fibro [fibromyalgia] and I felt like my world was crumbling around me!

Authorities are expected to file formal charges Monday against Watts, who authorities said dumped his wife and daughters' bodies on the property located just outside Frederick, a small town on the grassy plains north of Denver where fast-growing subdivisions intermingle with drilling rigs and oil wells. "She wasn't here. The kids weren't here".

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