Pence lays out plans for Trump's "Space Force"

Military spacecraft like the Air Force's X-37B space plane could be transferred to the proposed Space Force.                  Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

A better idea would be elevating an organization within the Air Force to deal with space, Thompson said.

And as the world's space development leader, the United States "relies on space for everything from popular commercial systems to critical military and intelligence systems".

Part of the announcement for 2020 involved an email from Trump's campaign team calling on supporters to help choose one of six logos for the futuristic Space Force.

"What was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and adversarial", said Pence.

One of them looks like a repurposed NASA logo while a few are pretty cool looking in a retro way, particularly the one that says "Mars Awaits". But not too hard...

WEEDEN: I don't quite think the Space Force is the answer.

Pence now serves as chair for the president's revitalized National Space Council. No surprise, Pence is a huge fan of space. "It is the farthest you can get from being alone with a human woman".

What is the Space Force?

Vice President Mike Pence laid out preliminary plans for President Trump's proposed new "space force" during remarks at the Pentagon on Thursday.

A Pentagon report included interim steps toward the creation of such an organisation. "And we're going to have to address it as other countries show a capability to attack those assets". "And so we will", Pence said.

Donald Trump's administration faces all sorts of political and logistical difficulties if it is to realise the creation of a Space Force by 2020, but the US President's re-election team is already thinking about the merchandise. Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said the Pentagon hasn't come up with estimates for the Space Force's creation costs, but said it be in the billions. Not everyone is convinced, however, with critics saying threats on earth are much more real than the prospect of wars in space. It would be headed by a four-star general.

Brian Weeden, a former Air Force officer who worked in space operations, tells Brumfiel that he agrees there are potential threats in space.

Trump's tweet paved the way for a number of hilarious replies and it is has become a viral meme.

"All other nations increasingly possess the capabilities to operate in space - not all of them share our commitment to freedom, private property and the rule of law".

Another illustrated what Star Trek might be like with Trump as a character and many others decided to make sci-fi and pop culture references.

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