Sony overhauls its Marvel movie plans, including making Venom PG-13

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Tom Holland will not be portraying the character in Venom and the belief is that if Venom and other Spider-Universe films are too dark, it will preclude Spidey and the other MCU characters from crossing over. In essence, they're building a Spider-Man cinematic universe without Spider-Man. Or as grisly as you can be without straying into R-rated territory.

Plans have already been announced to make a film based on Morbius, a vampire villain from the Spider-Man comics starring Jared Leto, as well as recruiting Richard Wenk (The Equalizer 2) to write a film based on Kraven the Hunter. On the other hand, it's hard to imagine Marvel Studios and Disney being thrilled with F-list properties like Nightwatch and Jackpot being anywhere near a feature film.

In addition, Sony has officially scrapped the female driven Silver & Black film that was supposed to feature the Black Cat, a thief, and Sliver Sable, a ruthless mercenary.

Now we're not suggesting a Marvel Comic book is feeding directly into the plans of a rival film studio (well... maybe we are a little), but the publisher couldn't have served this one up on a platter for Sony any better if they tried. They are extending that relationship with Spider-Man sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home. Adding a larger Marvel Universe spin to it raises the profile of the franchise significantly - as well as the inevitable confusion amongst casual moviegoers, who won't get all the particulars of why certain characters can't crossover, etc.

Original director of the Sliver & Black film, Gina Prince-Bythewood is likely to take a producer credit on both the Black Cat and Silver Sable film, but will not stay to be writer or director for either project.

In a report from Variety, they indicate their potential movie universe is internally called Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters or SUMC for short. The film was dropped from Sony's release schedule back in June.

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