Samsung launches the Galaxy Note9 with 6.4-inch screen

Unpacked: Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch live stream here!

It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now official following the company's Unpacked event.

The Galaxy Watch will be available starting in the USA on August 24 and in additional select markets on September 14, the company announced at its Galaxy Note 9 launch event.

The Note 9 has a slightly larger 6.4-inch OLED display this year with the same 2960 x 1440 resolution.

Geekbench 4 measures overall performance.

On the outside, it's easy to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is just the same as past year, with some speed upgrades inside and a slightly bigger battery.

With up to 8GB of RAM and the Exynos 9 CPU, the Note 9 comes tooled for the level of processing necessary for gaming, and Samsung will be keen to make the most of partnering with Fortnite developers Epic Games.

I don't want to ask for too much, but if Samsung can do what it just did with pricing and apply it to bloatware and unnecessary software pre-installed software on future devices, I think everyone would appreciate it. Samsung cleverly included inductive charging in the S Pen, so it'll fill up when docked in the phone.

Bigged-up by Samsung as the "world's most powerful smartphone", the Note 9 also boasts an under the hood rejig.

There's no denying that the Note 9 is a polished gadget that's popping with exciting features.

You can click each image in the grid below to download one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wallpapers that catches your eye, or you can scroll a little further down and click the button to download all 12 in a ZIP file.

Under standard usage, such as LT, Bluetooth, messaging and some music streaming the battery can last up to 80 hours, which eliminates the need for daily charging.

The S Pen is always an important aspect of the Note series and invariably gets more features in each iteration. This is a phone where you really don't have to make any sacrifices.

The Galaxy Watch comes in a silver 46mm version and 42mm option in black or rose gold. It'll cost you $1,000 if you want the base model, but the upgraded one is even more wildly expensive. As ever there's microSD support for cards up to 512GB in size, meaning you can have up to 1TB of storage if you buy the bigger variant. Because they got it - and a bunch of critical journalists didn't - the Note was able to succeed and iterate, and to become the well-loved brand it is today.

The Apple Watch may dominate the smartwatch market, but Samsung is finally clapping back with the health-focused LTE Galaxy Watch.

Oh, and the Galaxy Watch has one more crucial thing in common with the rest of Samsung's wearables.

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