Parkland suspect told police he heard voices in his head

Nikolas Cruz

Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old accused of killing 17 students and teachers at a Florida high school, said he felt "worthless" and repeatedly indicated that he wanted to die, according to a newly-released transcript of what Cruz told police following the February 14 shooting. At another point when Curcio left the room, he repeats over and over: "Why didn't he kill me?"

In the video, Cruz told Detective John Curcio that he purchased the firearm at a gun store. The recorder inside the room was still running.

After a judge's order, the district released the report with almost two-thirds of its content blacked out to protect the Cruz's privacy rights - a move that also concealed much about how the district mishandled Cruz's education.

"Because I have someone in my head who I can talk to about it", Cruz said. Why didn't he kill me? As reported byTime, one part of the transcript that's most troubling is Nikolas detailing how a voice in his head - "the evil side" - is what told him to do the school shooting. He did not resist arrest.

The district's chief lawyer, Barbara Myrick, asked a judge this week to hold the newspaper and two reporters in contempt of court for publishing an uncensored report about the Parkland school shooter.

Cruz's public defender had asked the entire statement to be kept from the public, saying it could influence a jury's decision. He faces the death penalty if convicted. Because the trial is ongoing, a Florida law that bars direct confessions of guilt from public release before trial had previously prevented the transcript's release.

The state attorney's office is planning to release the video of Cruz's statement to BSO sometime Tuesday. I know I made it seem like when we were growing up that I hated you. but truth is. "You deserve to die". "Because I have no one", he said.

A detective left and when he came back, Cruz said "Kill me, Just f***ing kill me". Sometimes, he would cut himself, Cruz said, including on the morning of the shooting, when took a blunt knife to himself at a lake where he had gone fishing. Later he refers to himself as a "coward".

The detective reportedly challenged Cruz on his claims, pointing out that he didn't take measures to stop the demon as he said he had done before. He estimated spending about $4,000 on weaponry. But by later in the interview, he remembered arriving via an Uber ride.

But he went on to say more than that during an extended interview, telling police that for years he had heard a "demon" in his head giving him directions.

The suspect said he was in constant battle with "the voice". "And then it's me. It's just regular me trying to be a good person".

The detective asked Cruz what the demon told him to do. Court documents show the former student has confessed to being the gunman.

Months later, when Cruz changed his mind and sought to transfer to Cross Creek, the school district "did not follow through", according to the report.

The report, compiled by a consultant hired by the Broward school district, also showed that Cruz had exhibited troubling behavior as early as age three, when he was kicked out of pre-K program, having shown aggressive behavior, and had been classified as needing special education because of apparent developmental delays.

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