Beauty salon CHAOS: Women in mass brawl after ‘botched eyebrow job’

Viral Video Shows Brooklyn Nail Salon Workers Hitting Woman With A Broom

"[They are] hitting them like animals".

The woman can be heard screaming in the video: 'That's my grandmother, stop!

People gathered outside the New Red Apple Nails in East Flatbush were angry that employees went after a woman who allegedly complained about an eyebrow service and refused to pay.

One woman explained to the Times that the racial tensions underlying the incident had motivated the local community to come out in force: "The black community has been pushed aside for generations, and it just seems as if the longer time goes on, the more people think we're simply going to go away", said Alexis Regnier, a 33-year-old health worker from Midwood.

In the clip the woman claims one of the victims attacked in the salon paid for the manicure and pedicure she was happy with, but refused to pay the $5 for the botched eyebrow job, which led to the fight. But the salon contends that she also refused to pay for the pedicure.

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn district attorney's office says they are in the process of examining all of the evidence, including videos that were not available at the time of the arraignments. Maduka, who originally posted the video, wrote on Facebook, "Share this cause the cops chose to arrest the black people but not the Chinese people who ganged up on them".

According to Pix 11, Zhing faces charges of misdemeanor menacing, misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon and harassment, while Thomas faces charges of misdemeanor assault, misdemeanor menacing and harassment.

Thomas was also arrested and charged with assault, menacing, and harassment. She apparently punched and slapped someone, dragging them over the floor.

Police arrived at the scene later, arresting one of the salon workers and one of the customers. They demanded that the charges against Thomas be dropped.

"We don't need to protest, we need to financially castrate this business". And protesters had picketed outside the nail salon, accusing the Asian-owned business of disrespecting residents of the predominantly black neighborhood. "We need to start supporting our own & run them out of our communities!"

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