Urban Meyer says he mishandled his answer on Zach Smith allegations

Urban Meyer gives his side as Ohio State probe continues

Meyer's future with one of the most storied programs in college football depends on how he managed allegations that Buckeyes assistant and recruiting coordinator Zach Smith abused his ex-wife, Courtney Smith - answering the questions of what Meyer knew and when. Meyer fired Smith on July 23 after learning Smith had been charged with trespassing and was deemed by a judge to be a danger to his ex-wife. Some include serious individual acts, like a December 2017 accusation that neighbors saw Zach " looking through the windows of her home, the windows of her vehicle and banging on the door of her home at 1:30 a.m. Others just reinforced the seriousness of the situation, like Courtney Smith getting pulled over for speeding and telling officers she was having domestic issues with her husband.

After a torrent of bad publicity for 48 hours and many calls in the media for his job, Meyer put forth a carefully crafted statement that apologized for his inaccurate statements at Big Ten media day regarding the alleged 2015 domestic incident by a staff member. He said Meyer told him then he would fire Smith if the head coach found out Smith hit his wife.

Smith's interviews came shortly after coach Urban Meyer tweeted a statement saying he knew about the allegations and followed proper reporting protocols. He earlier won two national titles at Florida. Coach Jim Tressel was sacked in 2011 for lying to the NCAA and university of about rules violations committed by some of his players.

McMurphy's report stirred a hornet's nest, to say the least. They've won three of their five bowl games during his time in charge as well. The NCAA cited the school for "failure to monitor, preferential treatment and extra benefit violations". Strauss killed himself in 2005. The allegations range from 1979 to 1997 and involve male athletes from 14 sports, as well as his work at the student health center and his off-campus medical office. Ohio State knew what was going on. Strauss worked for the university from 1978 to 1998.

"I don't believe I have ever threatened her or anyone", said Zach Smith, who had been an assistant at Ohio State since Meyer was hired in 2012, in the radio interview.

Meyer ended up as the Ohio State coach because of a previous football scandal.

"As I stated above, I deeply regret if I failed in my words", read Meyer's statement. His grandfather, Earle Bruce, was a coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes years ago.

"There was aggression in the relationship but anything I ever did to her was a defensive action", Zach Smith said.

In a separate class-action lawsuit involving Ohio State, accusers claim diving coach William Bohonyi preyed on female divers.

Meanwhile, Ohio State University has cut off all associations with him.

According to that suit, Bohonyi "demanded oral sex" from a female diver who was a student at Indiana University at the time.

The Smiths have agreed to an expedited discovery process to assess her claims. Another diver said she was 16 when Bohonyi began to sexually abuse her in 2014.

Urban Meyer, coach of college football powerhouse Ohio State, insisted Friday that he followed procedure in reporting domestic violence allegations against a now-former assistant. He said he would address questions in a public forum "at the appropriate time". In his mind, it was already being investigated by police and administration know there was an investigation.

University police also notified law enforcement in Maryland in August 2014, the spokesman said.

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