Pepsi's first female CEO is stepping down after 12 years

Indra Nooyi who has spent 24 years with the company has steered it towards offering healthier products

At the time only a handful of women ran major USA companies, and there are still fewer than 30 female CEOs in the S&P 500. She has directed the company's global strategy for more than a decade and led its restructuring, including the divestiture of its restaurants into the successful YUM! Prior to Pepsi she worked at Swiss industrials company Asea Brown Boveri.

Nooyi has been with Pepsi for 24 years. She was named President and CEO in 2006.

Nooyi was the first female CEO in the company's history.

She grew up in Chennai, India.

PepsiCo said that the rest of its senior leadership will remain unchanged. After the speeches, their mother would vote.

While Nooyi expressed confidence in her successor Ramon Laguarta, a major change in the company's prospects in India under the new leader seems unlikely, despite the country being one of the world's fastest growing consumer markets. After announcing her plans to leave the job, she spoke with The Wall Street Journal on Monday about her career, activist investors and the next generation of women executives. Overall revenue was $63.5 billion past year, up 1 percent from 2016.

He now serves as president, overseeing global operations, corporate strategy, public policy and government affairs. Laguarta is also an immigrant, having been born in Spain.

The Spaniard previously headed the company's Europe Sub-Saharan Africa (ESSA) division - a unit PepsiCo characterized as "one of the most complex business divisions in the company", due to its mix of both developed and emerging markets. Even before she became CEO, she oversaw acquisitions such as the purchase of Quaker Oats in 2001, eventually leading to products such as Quaker Oats Upma, Nutri Idli, Nutri Khichdi etc now seen on Indian shelves.

She will remain the chairman until early 2019.

. She was also elected to the Fellowship of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Indra Nooyi was the first female CEO of PepsiCo. "Nooyi has been an exemplary CEO and sets the bar high". Shares are down 1.8% this year, compared with a almost 7% rise in the S&P 500 index.

During her tenure, Nooyi also focused on corporate sustainability and responsibility.

Shares are up in early trade, at around 1.25%.

Laguarta, who starts on October 3, will be tasked with managing the company's response as consumer tastes move away from sugary drinks.

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