This genius Google Maps location sharing feature just went live

Google Maps Street View It looks as though the man in the blue T-shirt has been felled by his pal

Google has a famous Maps platform to find locations and they often update it with the fresh set of features.

As part of Google's many upcoming updates, the global tech giant has released a new feature for its Maps app. Not anymore. If there's a shortest distance to go from A to B, Google will now show an option if you're on a two-wheeler. This feature sends details on how much battery charge is left on your smartphone when you share your location with someone.

Google added location sharing to Google Maps a year ago, helping solve the problem of guessing how long it'll take for you to arrive at a restaurant (and whether your friends should go ahead and order without you).

If you wish to try out this feature, simply open the Google Maps app, tap on the icon with three bars (also called the hamburger button) and then select location sharing. Keep in that mind before telling friends you didn't respond because you were running out of battery, they'll know if you're lying. It's not clear if you can turn the battery life indicator off if you don't want to share that information.

Users of the popular service Reddit noticed that Google Maps have changed the design and understanding of the Earth. Location sharing is a very helpful pre-embedded feature. "I just noticed today it shows me her battery percentage is at 80 percent", the post read. At that time we were expecting that it will provide a user with approximate battery levels. As per some fresh information a user would now be able to view the battery percentage of the user another side.

The feature is now live on Google Maps for Android and iOS.

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