Parents are paying for Fortnite coaching for their kids

Fortnite Private Coaching Lessons Are the Opportunity for the Opportunistic Gamer

Parents are now shelling out up to United States dollars 20 per hour for private tutors who can help their children excel at the acclaimed video game Fortnite. In exchange for $50, the tutor provided him with four hours of Fortnite lessons.

Speaking of gaming scholarships, it has been a real thing in 2018, and Ohio's Ashland University even include Fortnite as one of the games the students can use to get discount on the tuition fees.

It's common how parents pay for their kid's guitar or football lessons, but how about paying for making them better at video games?

Numerous parents are "worried about their kids' social standing with their classmates", The Guardian reports, and some fear that their children "are being exorcised from social life because they can barely last a minute of gameplay without getting shot from behind". Some parents get all judgey and share those memes that remind us of how much we all played outside as a kid. "I want them to excel at what they enjoy", explained dad Euan Robertson, who's paying for lessons for his two sons. Another parent, Nick Mennen, said that coaching had helped his son rack up multiple wins a day in the battle royale.

Some parents claim they simply don't want their kids losing matches, others are taking lessons for themselves so they aren't so embarrassed when they play the game, and some are even taking lessons alongside their kids as a bonding experience.

There are also more and more colleges offering scholarships for eSports, meaning competitive video games, and Fortnite is becoming one of the games where students can get scholarships for playing. Parents usually find Fortnite coaches via social media or on sites such as Gamer Sensei and Bidvine. When you think of hiring a tutor, the first thing that probably comes to mind is going to school school and getting an education.

If you are unfamiliar with Fortnite, it is a free-to-play video game.

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