Drake's "In My Feelings" Video Drops Tomorrow

Drake's “In My Feelings” Video Drops Tomorrow

Shiggy, who was born Shaquille Mitchell, posted a video of himself dancing to the Drake song in June.

Drake has finally released his highly anticipated music video for "In My Feelings", his hit single that sparked a viral dance challenge on social media (thanks to Shiggy).

J-Hope delighted the ARMY when he took part in the #InMyFeelings challenge - that is, performing a routine to the chorus of the song, with the dance moves matching with the lyrics. It's reported that numerous dancers in the video will be rocking the jacket in her support. It's Shiggy who steals the show, however, with the carefree dance moves that started this whole thing in the first place. Directed by Karena Evans, who also helmed the God's Plan and Nice For What music videos, it has garnered almost four million views in less than 24 hours.

Drake's “In My Feelings” Video Drops Tomorrow
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The clip kicks off with Drake pulling up to Keke's house on the block and throwing a stone to knock on her video to get her attention.

Some of the more popular videos created for the challenge are also featured at the end of the clip, including ones made by Will Smith, Ciara, DJ Khaled and Ryan Seacrest.

Even the dance's originator Shiggy - who does not jump out of a moving auto in the video to the single - has pleaded with fans to "be safe" telling them they can do the moves anywhere and not just with a vehicle.

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