Alleged DJI Mavic 2 Photos & Details Leaked

DJI Mavic 2 drone leak confirms Pro and Zoom models

The Mavic 2 drone has since turned up in the latest Argos catalog, despite not being officially announced by DJI just yet. So far, DJI has not made any official statement about it, but it helps having an idea of what will Mavic 2 be able to do when it appears and if it's worth saving money for or not.

Both models are said to be capable of 31 minutes of flight time and a top speed of nearly 45mph, along with the ability to transmit live 1080p video to distances up to 5 miles.

While the Argos advert spills the beans on everything except pricing, the surprising bit of news is that the Mavic 2 will come in two models - the Pro and the Zoom.

Details of an unannounced new drone from market leader DJI have been revealed early in the Argos catalogue.

The Mavic 2 Zoom comes with - as the name suggests - a zoom function, with a 2X optical zoom (24mm to 48mm). In the catalog, there is no mention of the recording capabilities, though we would not rule out 4K recording features.

So what do we know about DJI's new drones from the Argos leak?

Beyond that we now know that the cameras will include a 360-degree collision awareness system as well as a speedy 45mph top speed.

But it's still the first time a sensor of this kind will feature in a drone this capable and small. The existing price range for the other Mavic Pro gives us a clue, though. It's clear though that DJI wants to talk about these two new drones soon, so don't expect those details to stay in the dark for much longer.

What has DJI had to say about the leak?

DJI usually keeps the large sensors for their high-end premium drones, and releasing it on the Mavic is going to allow more people to experience the large sensor.

"This pre-printed catalogue was scheduled before we postponed our "See the Bigger Picture" event", the spokesman continued, adding that the event had been delayed to "ensure we can deliver high-quality, cutting-edge technology to our customers".

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