Total lunar eclipse around the world

Stages Of A Total Lunar Eclipse

The moon will appear red in the night sky Friday night as it moves into Earth's shadow, perfectly aligned with Earth and the sun.

Spanning for 1 hour 43 minutes, the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse will see the moon turning to a shade of red.

Across Africa people turned to the sky, watching the reddish shadow slide up the moon's surface.

However, not all lunar eclipses will lead to a "bloody" show. In South Sudan, some dared to take photos in a war-torn country where using a camera in public is discouraged.

According to NASA scientists: "The exact colour that the moon appears depends on the amount of dust and clouds in the atmosphere". Then clouds rolled in.

When the moon passes behind the shadow of the Earth, the sun's light is refracted and gives the moon its red appearance.

Over the coming days, Mars will be at its closest point to Earth since 2003 - visible as a "bright red star" where skies are clear.

"It is a conjunction of rare and interesting phenomena", said Pascal Descamps, astronomer at the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Calculation of eEhemeris (IMCCE) within the Observatory of Paris-PSL.

Unfortunately, the live stream is the only way those of us in North America will get to witness the blood red moon.

Check this page closer to 3 p.m. Friday for a look at how the world is viewing the lunar eclipse.

"It is a very unusual coincidence to have a total lunar eclipse and Mars at opposition on the same night", said Mr Robert Massey, deputy executive director of the Royal Astronomical Society, who watched the eclipse from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Moon will begin a long journey through Earth's shadow on Friday afternoon, with the complete trip taking just over 6 hours.

Dr Duncan Steel, of Otago's Centre for Space Science Technology, said the colouration of this so-called "blood moon" - a spectacle shrouded in ancient superstition - was due to some sunlight leaking through Earth's atmosphere and reaching the moon.

"During a very dark eclipse the moon may be nearly invisible". He said: "I shot a time-lapse video of the Blood Moon and lunar eclipse in the wilayat of Ibri from 11.30pm until 12am".

But residents of Bawku believe the moon lost its way and suddenly got caught by the sun, a situation they believe could lead to a calamity.

Viewers received an extra treat, with Mars competing for attention, sparkling brightly.

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