You Don't Need to Buy World of Warcraft Anymore

Blizzard does away with World of Warcraft Battle Chest pricing

Blizzard has done away with the old Battle Chest, so access to base WoW and every expansion up to this point is now part of the $14.99 Dollars monthly subscription.

Check out the World of Warcraft page on the Blizzard Shop for more information.

It is worth noting though, that the newest expansion will still need to be purchased separately, with The Battle for Azeroth sporting a $50 price tag ahead of its August 14 release date.

World of Warcraft has often been dirt cheap - it is a 14-year-old game, after all.

This news, either by planning or sheer coincidence, coincides with the release of the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch that includes new character customization options (including the ability to finally create orcs who don't hunch over, a godsend for chiropractors who play the game), new events, and an updated PvP system.

Almost 14 years later, and Blizzard is finally changing that model by dropping the requirement to purchase the game first. Aside from buying the game itself, you had to pony up the cash for any expansions you wanted, plus a monthly fee.

In the past, if you wanted to jump into World of Warcraft, you had to but the Battle Chest, which contained the base game and numerous previously released expansions as a flat, upfront fee, along with needing to fork out for the monthly sub. The lower barrier of entry does, however, mean that you may have more people to play alongside. You can also level up to 110 without interruption - though those wanting to reach the planned new level cap of 120 will need to buy the next expansion when it arrives. "In addition, all existing World of Warcraft subscribers have automatically been upgraded to Legion at no additional cost".

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