Wild video shows Las Vegas police pursuit, shootout with suspects

Video captures police opening fire on suspects during pursuit

Newly-released body camera video from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department showed the intense chase between responding officers and two suspects linked to a deadly shooting.

The suspect in the passenger seat, identified as Fidel Miranda, 23, moved to the driver's seat and started to move the vehicle back towards the officer's auto. Police said both men were suspected of shooting a man multiple times at a vehicle wash.

According to police, both men attempted to flee on foot; one was fatally shot by police, the other was injured. The victim of that shooting later died at a hospital.

When another police cruiser joined the chase, Officer Umana warned his fellow officer to stay back, the paper said - and that second officer's cruiser was hit by bullets at least twice and couldn't finish the chase. "In my opinion they showed bravery and heroics we come to expect from our officers".

Both suspects fled from SUV after the crash, but Nunez was later apprehended with a gunshot wound.

Firing from a moving vehicle, it's likely impossible to ensure a safe backstop and the safety of civilians.

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WATCH: Body-cam video shows Vegas cop returning gunfire during police chase

Kelly said one suspect, identified as Rene Nunez, 30, got out of the vehicle and ran up the stairs to the school.

At one point the officer even takes both of his hands off the steering wheel while his vehicle is still travelling in order to fire at the SUV.

It happened Wednesday morning in downtown Las Vegas.

Nunez has been convicted three times and also has been arrested on robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery and grand larceny auto charges. Nunez was found with a gun, reported stolen in northern Las Vegas on May 20.

Referrring to Umana, Kelly said he "could have backed off, but he didn't".

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