Suspect arrested in 1988 killing of Indiana girl

Police make arrest in April Tinsley murder 1988 Fort Wayne cold case

Police arrested an IN man on Sunday for the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl who was found dead IN a ditch 30 years ago.

It's still unclear how detectives Brian Martin of the Fort Wayne Police Department and Clint Hetrick of the Indiana State Police used DNA information in the Tinsley case, but the affidavit says they worked with "highly trained genealogist" CeCe Moore. In July 2018 police obtained Miller's DNA by collecting several items from his trash, including three used condoms, the affidavit said. A judge gave prosecutors until Thursday to formally charge him. There, after advising Miller of his rights, the detectives asked him if he knew why they wanted to speak with him. Three days after the apparent kidnapping, a jogger found April's body in a ditch about 20 miles from where she vanished.

Over the course of the past few years, the FBI, Indiana State Police and Fort Wayne Police Department kept interest in the case alive.

DNA from Miller's garbage matched DNA from the crime scene and from the taunts, and when police brought him in for questioning, he confessed to the disturbing killing, the affidavit states.

Police then grabbed three used condoms from Miller's trash and they say that DNA matched up with DNA that was recovered from Tinsley's underwear.

"Hi Honey I been watching you I am the same person that kinapped an rape an kill Aproil Tinsley you are my next vitem [sic]", read one note, posted online by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I will kill again, ' on a barn door in 1990.

The cause of her death was asphyxiation, and there was evidence of sexual assault, according to court documents.

Note: A mugshot for Miller is not available at this time.

Meanwhile, police went through hundreds of suspects - none of them Miller - and cleared them all due to lack of evidence. But the horrific messages did provide investigators with the DNA they would eventually use to zero in on the killer — albeit once the right advanced science and technology came along.

He said he choked her, and that it took ten minutes for April to die.

"April Tinsley", the suspect allegedly told police, according to the affidavit.

Miller was booked into Allen County Jail Sunday on charges of murder, child molesting and criminal confinement.

The Allen County prosecutor's office scheduled a news conference for Tuesday morning to discuss the case.

Despite finding DNA evidence on April's underwear during the initial investigation, police failed to narrow down a suspect.

According to the Indianapolis Star, police arranged for the DNA samples to be sent for testing at Parabon Nanolabs. The same message demanded the young girl report the note to the police; the writer said that if he didnt see a report on the message in the newspaper or local TV, he would blow up the childs house.

April Tinsley was 8 when she was raped and murdered in 1988.

He told police he abducted the girl, sexually assaulted her and then killed her to keep her from reporting him to the police, according to court documents.

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