Amazon India prepares for its most anticipated event yet

Amazon India prepares for its most anticipated event yet

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Besides Xiaomi mobile phones, there will be other smartphone offers during the 36-hour-long Amazon Prime Day sale on 16-17 July.

The most recent special offers include deals for Hatley raincoats - a deal that comes to a close at 11.59pm on Wednesday, July 11.

To get the special $10 credit for use on Amazon Prime Day 2018, you must be signed up as an Amazon Prime member.

BF Ads is also tracking deals for Prime Day, and if you're looking at a big ticket electronic item, use a site like CNET to read a review first.

Get Amazon Music Unlimited for just £0.99 for 4 months Amazon Music lets its subscribers stream 40 million songs from today's most popular (and less popular) artists.

Let's say you've been a Prime member in the past 12 months, so the free trial doesn't apply to you. While we don't know exactly what items Amazon will put on sale during Prime Day, the company has already begun offering up free PC games for anyone who links their Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts. To get your dorm room set up nicely, Amazon will have 30% off computer accessories, bath towels, bedding, office chairs, lamps, and more. And, with the company's acquisition of Whole Foods in June of previous year, Prime Day deals will also include Whole Foods-related shopping perks, bringing the online event into the brick and mortar realm.

According to the Observer, Spanish employees launched a general strike on 10 July in the lead-up to Prime Day, and have encouraged workers in other parts of Europe-including Italy, France, Germany, Poland and England-to take part.

In a global flagship event created by Amazon, over 100 million Prime members in 17 countries, including India, will participate in Prime Day.

"The mystique of Prime Day may add some allure, but the lack of definition certainly curtails some of the opportunity for consumers to have planned purchases".

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From an 80-minute charge you can get up to 10 minutes of flying time, and the main unit packs down to a portable 122x94x57mm.

There are Prime exclusive deals dropping every day in the lead up to next Monday.

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