New Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix coming from Warner Bros

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We couldn't help but ask the actor why, when he'd been very publicly courted for lead role in Marvel Studios' "Doctor Strange", he would sign on to do this comic book adaptation instead.

However, this is not the only Joker movie in the works.

Many have pointed to The Killing Joke as the basis for the film's origin story, but that seems to be questionable. Leto's Joker is expected to take place in the world of Justice League and Suicide Squad. Todd Phillips (The Hangover) is on board to direct. Shooting will begin in September.

"Phillips' exploration of a man disregarded by society is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale", the statement read.

There is no release date set for the Joker film, with a possible target being around late 2019; until then, I'll be coping with the news by writing the word "damaged" on my forehead with permanent marker. The project will be made under a yet-to-be-announced new banner for DC movies at Warner Bros. that will allow for different kinds of projects to be made outside of the continuity of the DCEU.

The new movie will find Phoenix following in the Joker footsteps of Jared Leto, Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson.

$55 million is not very much for a film that will be part of a superhero franchise, possibly leading to something quite interesting with the finished product.

Look, we get it: making movies is a tough business.

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