Trump has 'confidence' N.Korea will honor denuclearization 'contract'

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shakes hands with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

President Trump said he has "confidence" North Korea's leader will abide by their agreement to denuclearize despite the regime's comments characterizing United States behavior in the ongoing negotiations as "gangster-like".

Despite Mr Trump's confidence that Mr Kim is committed to giving up nuclear weapons, the reconciliation process between the U.S. and North Korea was thrown into crisis on Sunday when Pyongyang angrily rejected Washington's "unilateral and gangster-like" demand for rapid nuclear disarmament.

However, the president has since renewed sanctions on North Korea, while USA intelligence officials have said there is evidence North Korea continues to upgrade the infrastructure for its nuclear and missile programmes.

"We had expected that the USA side would offer constructive measures that would help build trust based on the spirit of the leaders' summit.

This began when the U.S. - the United States and Vietnam began working together to repatriate the remains of American service members lost in Vietnam", he said. "But this expectation and hope of ours were so naive as to be gullible".

It said the North had raised the issue of formally ending the Korean War, which concluded with an armistice and not a peace treaty, but the US came up with a variety of "conditions and excuses" to delay a declaration.

Trump has already faced criticism for being too quick to make security concessions to Kim, including his unilateral suspension of military exercises with South Korea.

And he said some progress had been made towards agreeing "the modalities" of North Korea's destruction of a missile facility.

So North Korea is stalling on even the simplest promise made last month.

A letter from Kim to Trump was also delivered to Pompeo through Kim Yong-chol, a top North Korean party official.

Pompeo has characterized the broader North Korean reaction to this weekend's talks as "mixed", telling reporters Monday that more positive statements out of Pyongyang have not received the same coverage that the negative statement has. "If I paid attention to what the press said, I'd go nuts".

"Clearly, we see some posturing particularly from the North Korean side using the leverage that they have, especially in the lead-up to Trump's visit to NATO and his big summit with [Russian President] Vladimir Putin in the coming week", said Hilary Mann Leverett, a former White House official.

U.S. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert tweeted that Pompeo spoke briefly before leaving Pyongyang.

"We had anticipated the United States side would come with a constructive idea, thinking we would take something in return", the North Korean statement said, warning its "resolve for denuclearisation. may falter".

Pompeo told the North Korean negotiator that he "slept just fine".

"Realistically, the only way you get to a denuclearised North Korea is if it has a better relationship with the United States".

In fact, near the end of the statement, KCNA quoted the spokesman as saying "we still cherish our good faith in President Trump". "Some places a great deal of progress". He stressed that "there's still more work to be done" in others, which will be handled by the working groups.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono have reconfirmed how the two nations will work together, in coordination with South Korea, in a joint effort to achieve a denuclearized North Korea.

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