Trump closes in on Supreme Court pick; 3 judges top list


Missouri is an antiabortion state, but that's not where Senator McCaskill stands. He's a known quantity in the legal conservative movement. Separately, the abortion rights group NARAL began running online and print ads in publications across the state of ME on Thursday.

"Over at Yale, university spokesman Tom Conroy echoed Jackson, noting the school's admissions practices are in" compliance with the Supreme Court's interpretation of the law".

Two Senators who could make or break any of these nominees' chances are Sen.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of ME affirmed to reporters Wednesday she will not affirm a nominee with "demonstrated hostility" to Roe v. Wade. Sen. Collins also urged Trump to "broaden his list" of potential candidates, referring to the 25 potential picks he unveiled during his presidential campaign. "We'll announce it on Monday". And he was the runner-up for the Supreme Court seat that went to Justice Gorsuch. But is that a top issue for voters in a midterm election year?

Kavanaugh, 53, is a former Kennedy clerk and a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, which is commonly referred to as the second-most powerful court in the country.

The advocacy group plans to protest outside of senators' offices.

Democratic Sens. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Joe Donnelly of IN are both seen as key votes on Kennedy's successor. The Daily Mail declares in its headline: "Trump's female Supreme Court favorite belongs to a Christian group which helped inspire The Handmaid's Tale and tells her to submit to her husband - and members believe they healed teen girl by laying on of hands".

During the July 4 picnic at the White House, Trump suggested to friends and some external advisors that he had already made up his mind about whom he will pick to join the high court, the person said on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing deliberations. He noted, however, that he's in weekly contact with the White House and has supreme confidence that the president will deliver. "The future of our country is on the line in the Supreme Court", he said last week.

"What will probably happen is that the Supreme Court would be more open to the states regulating and restricting abortion". Women must receive counseling that discourages abortion and almost all of the state's women (94 percent) live in counties where no clinic provides abortion. This hearing not only endeared her to constitutionalists and religious conservatives but revealed the strategy of her opponents to attack her religious faith.

On the day she endorsed candidate Trump in March 2016, the late iconic anti-abortion activist Phyllis Schlafly first asked him privately whether he would appoint more judges like the conservative Antonin Scalia, recalled Schlafly's successor Ed Martin, who was in the room at the time. "I don't think it's that challenging because even people who would be considered "pro-life" - not the hardcore pro-lifers - a lot of people are in the middle". He describes himself as an introvert. But that's just one issue, he says. His state has not expanded Medicaid, for instance, and rural hospitals keep closing.

Outside adviser Leonard Leo, now on leave from the Federalist Society, said on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday that this kind of jockeying is standard, noting that "every potential nominee before announcement gets concerns expressed about them by people who might ultimately support them". Then came the Supreme Court vacancy.

In Tyler v. Hillsdale County Sheriff's Dept., all 15 judges of Kethledge's court reheard an earlier panel decision and ruled 9-6 in favor of Clifford Tyler, a MI man a magistrate sent for a brief stay at a mental health facility after his children found him distraught on learning his wife of 23 years had run off with another man - and his life savings - and called the police, fearing their father might harm himself.

Republicans are mocking Democratic opposition to a nominee who's not yet been named. But it's looking like those two - one of those two, I would say.

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