Russian Federation summit is a good move

Trump NATO chief

But as both countries' governments have anticipated a meeting, Trump has been hinting at concessions that ignore the Kremlin's track record for undermining American interests - overseas and on USA soil. "And that's fine. Of course, they kill us on trade". But Trump's claim that the US pays 90 per cent of NATO's total defense spending isn't corroborated by available data. "That's what I can answer", Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked to confirm information provided by some sources who said that agreements on the withdrawal of the Iran-backed forces from Syria could be the key issue at the upcoming meeting between the Russian and USA leaders, according to Russian TASS news agency.

Trump also took aim at what he indicated were trade inequities with the EU on Monday in an indication he will attempt to link the US commitment to European security with trade.

Trump has repeatedly berated European NATO members and Canada for lagging on a pledge to try to spend two percent of GDP on defence, and he harangued them again on Twitter on Monday.

House Armed Services ranking member Adam Smith said Wednesday it appeared "the president is trying to reorient USA foreign policy towards Russian Federation and away from our democratic allies in Europe". Still, Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a weekly podcast on Saturday, said Germany would increase defense spending in its 2019 budget, suggesting Trump's jawboning is paying off. After all, Putin will say, they speak Russian in Crimea and really belong to Russia anyway - a point Trump himself reportedly made at the Group of Seven meeting last month. About it reports Fox News.

And he commiserated with Mr. Putin over Trump administration officials whom the Russian president said had tried to prevent the call from happening, according to a person with direct knowledge of the conversation.

Sources told the newspaper Kommersantthat the Kremlin has submitted a two-page document to the White House with a first draft of a potential statement Moscow hopes Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will make at the conclusion of their Helsinki summit next week. "We do not recognize Russia's attempt to Annex Crimea". These include the seemingly endless mission in Afghanistan (about 25,000 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation troops remain there, 15,000 of them from the US); protecting the alliance members in the Baltics from Russian cyberattacks; a plan for approaching the rapidly opening Arctic Ocean (five North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have significant coastlines threatened by an increasingly activist Moscow); and Nato's role in the Middle East.

"Even if they hit 2 percent, I don't think it would matter....he just isn't interested in the whole alliance relationship", said Goldgeier. They include the case of the former Russian spy who, along with his daughter, was poisoned in Britain with nerve gas - a poisoning British authorities say Russia orchestrated.

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