Daredevil Travis Pastrana replicates Evel Knievel's jumps

Evel Knievel outside of Caesars Palace in 1967

In a televised Evel Live special on the History Channel, Mr Pastrana used an Indian Scout FTR750 to jump 143 feet - 23 feet farther than Knievel did in 1973 - and clear 52 crushed cars.

The event, which took place in Las Vegas and aired on the History Channel, was referred to as Evel Live, as it saw Pastrana recreate three of Knievel's most iconic jumps, including one stunt that almost killed the late performer.

The second jump had Pastrana recreating a stunt Knievel performed at King's Island in OH, when he jumped 14 Greyhound buses.

The third and final jump was reenacting Knievel's legendary attempt to jump the Caesar's Palace fountain. And to end at Caesars Palace, to have a chance to jump the fountain.

In his second jump he flew a whopping 192 feet as he topped Knievel's personal record for jumping over the most school buses with 16.

Mr Pastrana, 34, said: "It's just such an honour to live a day in Evel's..."

Such an attempt wasn't as hard for Pastrana, who jumped over 16 buses easily.

Knievel came down short (he said his Triumph 650 suddenly lost power on the take-off) hit the edge of the landing ramp and tumbled into the Dunes carpark, breaking his pelvis, femur, hip, wrist, and both ankles.

The History channel broadcast the event under the title "Evel Live". "I'm not done yet, but this was one of the coolest things - the coolest thing - I've ever done".

Travis Pastrana paid tribute to his daredevil inspiration in the most appropriate way. Where, I'm jumping basically a street bike. While these stunts might be seen as "easier" than some of the tricks he's done in the past, he put on a heck of a show for the Las Vegas crowd.

This is a stunt Knievel attempted in 1967 and is his longest, most notorious jump.

It's tough to jump over a bunch of cars, but you know what's tougher?

Then he rode the jump bike, with a police escort, down the Strip to Caesars Palace, pulling burnouts and wheelies along the way and even stopping to exchange high-fives with fans. "This is the home of the most iconic jump, one of the most iconic events that has ever gone down".

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