Pompeo seeks clarity in denuclearization talks with NKorea

Trump reportedly raised the idea in August 2017 during a meeting about sanctions the United States has imposed on oil rich Venezuela

North Korea blasted the USA on Saturday for making what it called "robber-like" demands in meetings between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Pyongyang officials, calling the attitude and stance of American officials "regrettable".

On his first trip to Pyongyang following what was billed by the Trump administration as a triumphant summit last month with Kim Jong Un, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sounded fairly upbeat, saying "progress" had been made in talks to get North Korea to give up its nuclear arsenal.

The secretary said: "I think we made progress in every element of our discussions", according to the report. Some places, a great deal of progress.

Mr Pompeo is now on a visit to North Korea for advancing denuclearisation talks with Kim Jong-un and putting a timeline on the denuclearisation process, following the historic summit in Singapore with Donald Trump last month.

North Korea blasted Pompeo and the high-level talks held in the capital of Pyongyang, saying the attitude of the US was "regrettable".

Pompeo has bristled at the idea that the Singapore declaration amounted to an empty promise, saying repeatedly that Kim Jong Un had assured him in private conversations he was ready to give up his nuclear arms. Chairman Kim is still committed, I had a chance to speak to President Trump this morning. "We had productive, good-faith negotiations", he added.

She said the two sides had also discussed the return of the remains of American troops killed during the Korean War.

Earlier rumors during the week stated the State Department's objectives in North Korea had changed and that the Sec. of State may be willing to forgo complete denuclearization.

The danger now is that if happens if Trump finds that North Korea isn't willing to bend to his most unrealistic demands, the countries could find themselves in an even more unstable position than where they started.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters that Pompeo left Kim a letter from Trump.

Pompeo offered a different view on the discussions when he talked to reporters on Saturday.

The trip was Mr Pompeo's third to Pyongyang since April and his first since the summit, but unlike others he did not see leader Kim Jong-Un.

The country's foreign minister has also accused the U.S. of unilateral demands for denuclearisation.

Pompeo said more talks were needed on both.

In the days following his historic 12 June summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore, Trump had announced that the return of the remains and the destruction of the missile facility had been completed or were in progress.

Ahead of the new round of talks, Kim Yong Chol, North Korea's septuagenarian former spy chief, teased Pompeo, suggesting that the "serious" negotiations the night before may have caused Pompeo to lose sleep.

Pompeo was speaking after emerging from more than eight hours of talks over two days with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's right-hand man Kim Yong Chol in a Pyongyang diplomatic compound.

Pyongyang noted that it had already destroyed a nuclear test site - a concession that Trump has already publicly hailed as a victory for peace - and lamented that Pompeo had proved unwilling to match this with United States concessions.

"Director Kim, I slept just fine", Pompeo responded, according to a pool report provided by reporters accompanying the secretary of state.

"So the work that we do, the path towards complete denuclearisation, building a relationship between our two countries, is vital for a brighter North Korea and the success that our two presidents demand of us", Pompeo said.

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