Elon Musk Sends Team to Thailand to Help in Cave Rescue

Thai Cave Boys Rescue

It is not yet known whether SpaceX will use taxpayer funding to assist the Thai rescue effort, or if Musk is funding the mission himself.

And on Twitter, he's also been offering outside-the-box ideas to help rescuers.

He also proposed installing a 1m diameter nylon tube and inflating it "like a bouncy castle" to see if that would clear the water and provide a tunnel that the trapped boys could simply walk through.

He wrote that engineers from two of his companies, the aerospace manufacturer SpaceX and the tunnel-construction company Boring Company, were leaving for Thailand on Saturday to offer assistance to the Thai government.

NBC News reported food supplies for the youth soccer team accompanied by one adult include mostly high-calorie gels, so some boys letters showed a desire for tastier food in their letters home.

Musk said The Boring Company's drilling capabilities might be able to help drop in battery packs and pumps from above.

The medical assessment means that it is too unsafe to try to move the youngsters, an unnamed source in the Thai Navy Seals told CNN. The submarine would be relatively safe, even if it didn't get rigorous testing before entering service. Divers have been teaching them diving and breathing techniques. So far, explorers have not been successful with this option.

The boys and their coach have been trapped in the cave system in the country's north for about two weeks, and heavy rainfall looms in the days ahead. Just a few hours ago, the rescue operation claimed the life of an experienced Navy SEAL diver.

"The teams working are already doing as much pumping as can feasibly be done in there".

The schoolchildren and their 25-year-old coach have been trapped in the Tham Luang cave in Thailand for nearly two weeks now.

Dr Suttisak Soralump of Kasetsart University said earlier that the Tham Luang challenge is also much more hard than the 2010 Chilean mine collapse in terms of the attempt to drill the cave to rescue those trapped inside. "If Elon says it will work hopefully it will", said Bell.

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