Trump approached by Scott Pruitt to fire Jeff Sessions

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

A mother holding a toddler in her arms confronted Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, on Monday as he was dining out in a restaurant in Washington, D.C. - and asked him to resign "before your scandals push you out".

Pruitt offered to temporarily replaceSessions for 210 days under the Vacancies Reform Act, a law passed in 1998 allowing the president to temporarily fill vacancies in the White House.

A whistleblower from within the Environmental Protection Agency claims that the agency's head, Scott Pruitt, would alter his official calendar and keep private records of his actual meetings to hide them from the public, according to a CNN report.

After weeks of reports about those alleged unethical dealings, Pruitt came under fire from lawmakers in April while testifying on Capitol Hill. "General Sessions and I are friends and I have always said I want nothing more than to see him succeed in his role", the statement said. "We have made tremendous progress and the future of the EPA is very bright", said Trump.

Pruitt, who faces ethics questions and at least a dozen investigations by the EPA inspector general, Congress and the White House, denied it.

Last month, The Washington Post reported Pruitt used his official position and EPA staff to express interest in a lucrative deal for his wife to become a Chick-fil-A franchisee, a venture that ultimately did not occur. The embattled EPA chief told Trump he would return to Oklahoma afterward to run for national office.

The criticism against EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is piling up.

Like President Trump, Pruitt voiced skepticism about mainstream climate science and was a fierce critic of the Paris climate agreement.

Pruitt left after the encounter but according to his spokesman, that was not the reason.

The EPA administrator also reportedly alienated colleagues by positioning himself to take over as US attorney general if the frequently embattled head of the Justice Department, Jeff Sessions, stepped down or was sacked.

Democrats also teed-off on Pruitt's flight expenses.

Thus far, however, President Trump has remained publicly supportive of Pruitt. Hart's husband, J. Steven Hart, who is also a lobbyist, met with Pruitt at the same time that he was leasing that room.

Minoli's letter, first reported Saturday by The New York Times after the newspaper received a copy of the letter through a Freedom of Information request, doesn't specify the issues referred for investigation.

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