Bug unblocked people from 800,000 users' list: Facebook

Bug unblocked people from 800,000 users' list: Facebook

However, Erin confirmed that the bug had been fixed and notifications were sent out to all those affected to go through their blocked lists.

Facebook has since apologized for the malfunction and assures users that the unblock bug was only temporary and has since been resolved.

Facebook on Monday reported about a temporary bug that automatically unblocked people who had been blocked by users on both Facebook and Messenger. Facebook said that the blocked users could access the profile of a user who had blocked them before and could see their posts and message them. Of those affected by the glitch, 83 percent had "only one person they had blocked temporarily unblocked", Ms Egan wrote.

Facebook says the mess-up may have impacted as many as 800,000 users of Messenger and its flagship app - all of whom it is presently notifying. Blocked users were able to contact people who have blocked them on Messenger as well.

The block feature of Facebook is quite old.

This means that if you blocked someone after an abusive or a frustrating incident, they were able to see at least some of your posts.

Facebook has already been grappling with privacy issues like the Cambridge Analytica data scandal involving 87 million users and another bug that changed 14 million users' privacy setting defaults to public. He also demanded that Facebook give a more detailed explanation of the flaw.

While the social media giant claims that no friendships that were previously ended had been reestablished, the bug did allow posts to be shared with "a wider audience".

Blocking on the social network is a tool often used to help users avoid abuse or harassment on the platform, which is used by more 2.4 billion people globally.

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