Trump supporters urge Walmart boycott over 'Impeach 45' clothing

Trump supporters boycott Walmart for selling 'Impeach 45' clothing

CBS News says Walmart has been selling "Impeach 45" baby onesies and men's T-shirts, both made by the apparel company, Old Glory, on its website.

United States retail giant Walmart has come under fire after angry shoppers spotted a T-shirt range being sold on its third-party website calling for Donald Trump to be impeached. Other impeach Trump items were also available via, as were items bearing the president's signature "Make America Great Again" slogan. Trump supporters, as you would imagine, were not pleased and the call for a boycott began.

It's not the first time Walmart has gotten into hot water for controversial t-shirts for sale on its website.

It is unclear how long the shirts were available on Walmart's website, but Ryan Fournier, a political commentator and chairman of Students for Trump, was among the first to ignite the social media frenzy Monday night after he discovered the listing, tweeting "what kind of message are you trying to send?"

"These items were sold by third-party sellers on our open marketplace and were not offered directly by Walmart", a company spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle.

President Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, tweeted Tuesday that Walmart was removing the T-shirt and a boycott was not necessary. But once they're approved-a process that takes a few weeks-Walmart doesn't watch every item put up for sale.

A spokesman for Walmart didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

These items are usually sold through Walmart Marketplace, which hosts third-party sellers.

The store came under fire in November after a shirt design that read "Rope".

This appears to be a partisan move for a company that has been working hard to cater to the heartland, where many Trump supporters live, and urban centers, which tend to be more Democratic.

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