Google Chrome automatically downloads articles you haven't asked for yet

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If you don't have seamless internet connectivity, Google Chrome will ensure you still get your daily dose of news.

When someone is connected to a free and unmetered WiFi, Google Chrome will be automatically downloading all the relevant data and articles, based on location.

Those who are signed into Chrome will also be able to access further articles based on their browsing history, even when offline. The automatically downloaded content will be available along with all of the downloaded content available for access anytime, without an internet connection.

Google launched a new feature for its Android device on Thursday, in which many other countries in the world can search the web without using internet connection. Unfortunately, in the latest update to Chrome for Android, Google has also removed the option to disable suggested articles in the homepage of the app, which means that suggested articles will always be shown even when they aren't relevant in many cases.

Google in its latest update for Chrome browser for Android, has introduced a new feature that will automatically download news articles while connected to a free or un-metered Wi-Fi connection so that the user can view them later.

Google Chrome on Android has been reportedly refreshed with a capability to download content via Wi-Fi.

"Chrome's goal is to make the web work well for everyone, everywhere".

Offline articles can be seen alongside your downloaded content. The feature is introduced for India as well as some other countries.

The relevant articles will be those that are most popular based on your location.

Google rolled out a new feature for its Chrome browser on Android platform, which has more than 2 billion devices, to help users achieve what hasn't been possible until now.

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