House leadership postpones vote on large-scale amnesty bill

McAllen Texas. Thousands of undocumented immigrants continue to cross into the U.S. despite the Trump administration's recent

House Republicans will no longer vote on immigration legislation Friday after struggling to win enough support for a compromise proposal supported by President Trump and House leadership.

The legislation failed in a 193-231 vote Thursday, which shoots down the bill the president said he would support. An Ivanka Trump-branded store was scheduled to open in the lobby of Trump Tower in NY on Thursday, Dec. 14, 2017, selling handbags, jewelry and candles. Why don't conservatives just vote no on the bill, declaring themselves to be against all forms of amnesty no matter how many enforcement measures are packaged with it, and assume that Republican voters back home will accept that even if Trump supports the bill?

Kay Bellor, vice-president for programmes at Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, among the largest refugee resettlement agencies in the USA, said: "While children will no longer be ripped from the arms of their parents for the sole objective of deterring immigration, they will go to jail with their parents".

The president's policy retreat followed a withering attack by Republican and Democratic officials who characterized the family separations as inhumane.

But while Democrats still vote en bloc to preserve the food stamp program - as they did this year - the Republican vote is splintering. But as The Washington Post reports, few people are predicting either House measure will pass.

The legislation stands nearly no chance of getting through the Senate, meaning Republican dreams of stricter work requirements will probably go unrealized for at least the foreseeable future.

It also allows the Department of Homeland Security to separate children from parents if they believe the child may be in danger.

Trump sought to reassure Republicans that he would not undercut them if they voted for the compromise bill, which includes a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.

But then he tweeted on Thursday that whatever passed in the House was surely dead in the Senate because Republicans have just 51 votes, not almost enough to clear the 60-vote threshold to get past a Democratic filibuster. When in doubt, you can't go wrong in a red district out-border-hawking Trump.

Then, in the Thursday morning tweet, Trump said, "What is the objective of the House doing good immigration bills when you need 9 votes by Democrats in the Senate, and the Dems are only looking to Obstruct (which they feel is good for them in the Mid-Terms)?" It also instructs the Defense Department to provide or construct facilities to house the families. Rosen accused Republicans of playing "partisan games" instead of working with Democrats to find a bipartisan solution.

It partially succeeded: The moderates succeeded only in securing the promise of a vote on compromise legislation alongside the more conservative bill, and since then, their quest to protect the dreamers has been overshadowed by the family separations crisis. "These vote counts are all because of his lack of leadership".

Republican leaders had planned votes on two bills, both of them sponsored by Rep.

Other Republicans, though, particularly moderates who forced the immigration issue to the fore, pushed on, trying to persuade their colleagues not to let this chance slip away.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's office confirmed the decision. About 14,000 immigrants in Nevada were protected from deportation by DACA.

Ryan wanted to prevent moderates from being able to force a vote and launched weeks of negotiations to develop the compromise package with Meadows and conservatives.

"We are pleased that the president is calling a halt to his inhumane and heartless policy of separating parents from their children", said Peter Schey, the lawyer in a lawsuit that resulted in a key agreement governing the treatment of migrant children in detention called the Flores settlement.

Every Democrat signed onto this discharge petition effort that would have allowed immigration votes without going through the House GOP leadership.

In a Thursday morning tweet, Trump suggested that anything the House passed wouldn't pass the Senate anyway, giving already wary conservatives a reason to vote against the compromise legislation.

Senate Republicans, fearing Trump's action will not withstand a legal challenge and eager to go on record opposing the administration's policy, have unveiled their own legislation to keep detained immigrant families together.

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