Watchdog Report Faults Comey as 'Insubordinate'

The report mentioned the texts to be'disappointing and said it could lead to the questioning of the integrity of the 2016 Clin

The IG report has its origins in the tumultuous days after the 2016 presidential election, when politicians and Justice Department veterans of all stripes cried foul at the FBI's public statements about its investigation of Clinton's email practices.

But a almost two-year investigation by the Justice Department's watchdog found no evidence that those private sentiments expressed by Strzok actually influenced his work.

It also criticized him for violating Justice Department policies and accused him of usurping the authority of Attorney General Loretta Lynch when in July 2016 he announced there would be no charges against Clinton for her email use as secretary of state. "And if you read the report, you'll see that".

While Horowitz didn't find political bias by Comey, he did uncover more anti-Trump emails from a pair of Federal Bureau of Investigation officials who were involved in an extra-marital affair.

"A middle ground existed where those devices belonging to Clinton's three top aides-which the team determined accounted for approximately 68 percent of Clinton's email exchanges-would have been reviewed, but devices belonging to other State Department employees would not", the report said. Except it kind of did.

Though there's no evidence the device was put on the back-burner to protect Clinton, the watchdog said it could not be certain that Strzok's decision to prioritize the Russian Federation probe over examining the Weiner laptop was "free from bias", especially because Strzok was exchanging anti-Trump text messages during that same period. "Comey was the ring leader of this whole, you know, den of thieves".

One employee also called President Donald Trump's voters "poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think we will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing".

Meaning what? Not only did the Russians influence the conduct of American officials with a questionable document - the use of forgeries is a long-standing aspect of active measures - but also the American officials involved here knew the material nearly certainly wasn't real. And how many decisions by American policymakers in 2016 and before or since have been affected by false intelligence deliberately planted to throw a monkey wrench into the works?

Horowitz acknowledged in December that his inquiry into the Clinton case had unearthed anti-Trump text messages between the two. A 2016 foundation fundraiser was directed by his campaign staff and featured checks with his campaign slogan on them - one of myriad alleged violations of law. Page asked in a text to Strzok.

From a political perspective, the news is better still for the White House. They're the hardest working.

Bill Clinton, also interviewed in the IG investigation, said he had "absolutely not" discussed the probe.

Strzok, replied, "No. No he won't".

"I never thought that's what it was. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there's no big there there". He'd tell Trump what he wanted to hear in private, while misleading him - failing, for example, to tell him that impetus for the collusion investigation was a document paid for by Democratic operatives.

"I hope the substance of this report was maintained throughout the entire review process", Biggs said. "My question [was] about whether or not this represented a large, coordinated conspiracy or not".

While polls have shown a majority of Americans believe Trump should cooperate with the investigation, recent polling suggests an increasing number of people have begun to view the investigation as politically motivated. Mueller removed Strzok from his team a year ago after an internal investigation uncovered the texts. "The FBI handled the investigation in a way that was very problematic for Clinton and complicated her life immensely". He reiterated his long-standing contention there was no collusion between his campaign and Russians.

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