Jade returns in the new Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer

Jade returns in the new Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer

Ubisoft has finally given up more Beyond Good & Evil 2 with a cinematic trailer featuring Jade's closest friend Pey'j.

Jade, the first game's main protagonist, will be returning for further adventures.

That's if development actually ever gets off to a start, though. You can then upload it to HitRecord who will send it to Ubisoft. Since it was unveiled at E3 2017, the developers have involved the community in the creation process via the Space Monkey Program, using player feedback and ideas to shape the game's development. The Space Monkey program will allow users to see their own artwork, music, and other content inside the world of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt took to the stage to talk about the initiative, and said that this project is "the first time we're making stuff that's gonna go into a video game". Arguably Ubisoft's most ambitious title, Beyond Good and Evil 2 builds on everything good about the previous title. For more information on what Ubisoft had to showcase during their presentation, check out Raids and Free DLC news for the upcoming game, The Division 2.

This does feel a little bit different, as these will be assets in the core version of Beyond Good & Evil 2, not extras added later. A release date for Beyond Good and Evil 2 hasn't yet been announced. There's a $50k profit pool that will be split amongst anybody who contributes to something that makes it into the final game, which could also expand. It got things rolling with the new cinematic trailer you see below, which features numerous characters from the original title, along with the new ones who were introduced with last year's trailer.

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