Wendy's Shades IHOP Over Name Change to IHOb in Savage Tweet

Wendy's Shades IHOP Over Name Change to IHOb in Savage Tweet

It's only a marketing campaign.

After days of speculation, the restaurant formerly known as IHOP has revealed all the secrets behind its mysterious name change. However, in its most recent press release, IHOP noted that "IHOb" is a slogan of IHOP and the name change is just "for the time being". After all, the International House of Pancakes serves more than pancakes.

There's the Classic (with or without bacon), Jalapeno Kick, Cowboy with barbecue, Mushroom and Swiss and Mega-Monster. They wrote, "We're as serious about pancakes as @IHOb is about burgers", with a link to their menu that's got 16 gourmet burgers - and no pancakes.

"Dear internet thanks to everyone asking me this but no not every brand is having an identity crisis so I'm gonna stick to Pop-Tarts", their tweet said.

So, to use another B-word, will there be a backlash? Chiquita even got in on the act, saying that the B should stand for bananas.

Others noted that the Ob in the IHOb logo looked extremely similar to the O.B. brand of tampons.

Rebelez is not anxious about people being disappointed. Fans immediately took to the video, already giving it 13,000 views as well as 650-plus comments within just an hour of being posted.

Legendary fried chicken purveyor Church's Chicken posted an Instagram photo that poked fun at the IHOP name change buzz.

With that being said, they have "breakfast" burgers, as well.

For the record, IHOB will keep pancakes on the menu but couldn't pass up the opportunity to snag some lunchtime and dinner business with burgers.

"Why is ihop going thru a mid life crisis", tweeted another.

DineEquity, the company that owns IHOP/IHOb and also the Applebee's chain, sought to assure customers that nothing had really changed. Is Rebelez anxious that he's competing more directly with his corporate sibling?

"They have a bar", Rebelez said.

"@IHOb so are you still going to have pancakes and breakfast???"

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