Man holds two people hostage in Paris

French police and a fireman secure the street after a man took people hostage at a shop

Dozens of police officers converged in an area of central Paris on Tuesday in response to a "hostage taking" situation by an armed man, police sources said.

According to media reports, three people were taken hostage, including a pregnant woman.

"Officials will be trying to start a negotiation with the man", police union official Yves Lefebvre told BFM TV, which reported that the incident did not appear to be terrorism-related.

Police also said the man was believed to have an accomplice outside the building where he was holding the hostage in a northern district of the French capital.

A street in the French captial has been closed off as police cordon the area.

The man who took the hostages is claiming to be armed with a "bomb and handgun".

Police officers of the BRI intervention squad prepare a shield on June 12, 2018 near the site of an ongoing hostage taking in central Paris.

The man has asked to be put in contact with the Iranian embassy.

Police initially said the hostage scene was unfolding in an office in the building, but soon stopped communicating details to journalists.

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