Woman Arrested For Transporting Children In Dog Kennels

A Memphis grandmother has been arrested after a video went viral which appeared to show her releasing two children from animal cages in the back of her auto.

According the the affidavit, Cheeks said "there was no room inside the vehicle earlier in the day", so she "told them to get inside the kennel".

The man later informed the Memphis Police Department, which then led to the arrest Cheeks, who is the grandmother of the two children.

Many have inquired about a viral video from Saturday that shows two children being transported in pet kennels in the.

She told police there had been no room in the auto earlier and so she told the children to "get in the dog kennels", according to the Commercial Appeal, though she said she checked on the children "periodically". He called her "a nice lady" and said he "can't see her doing that". She seems like a nice lady.

Leimome Cheeks, 62, allegedly placed her two grandchildren in kennels and drove them around for at least 40 minutes in temperatures as high as 95 degrees, according to police.

Cheeks is being charged with child endangerment, while police and Child Services continue their investigations.

A Tennessee grandmother has been accused of transporting her grandchildren, ages 7 and 8, in dog kennels in her vehicle.

The footage shows Cheeks open the cage for one of the children, seen wearing turquoise leggings and a blue T-shirt. "For them to be in the hot auto like that in cages is sad". She is scheduled to appear Monday in court. There was also no operable air conditioning. Cheeks was arrested on Saturday and posted bond on Sunday, WREG reported.

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