Anthem launches in February 2019 | PC

Anthem E3 2018 Trailer and Game Details

The subscription gives players unlimited and early access to EA's latest games for the PC, including Anthem, FIFA 19, Madden 19, and Battlefield V.

While fans can tune in now for some of the pre-show coverage, the big reveals are scheduled to begin at 7pm, BST.

The most-popular sports video game franchise in the world will be back and this time around, it will have an officially licensed UEFA Champions League game mode.

In addition to the pre-order perks previously mentioned, players who order the Standard Edition before its release will receive a Legion of Dawn Legendary armor pack and weapon for a Ranger-type Javelin exosuit.

Elsewhere, Darrah confirmed that Anthem will require an internet connection to play even if you're looking to go solo. Environments looks detailed and the sense of being a small character in the world is portrayed wonderfully.

The first Unravel is actually a genuinely charming little game and well worth checking out. It's great to get something playable during E3, and not just trailers after trailers. First up was the announcement of Sea of Solitude. At the end of the day, that's all that can really be asked of a developer: set out to make the best version of the game. The goal is to defend the Anthem from both the impending storm and the Dominion, protecting the world they know. It looks lovely and the art style is reminiscent of Zelda Breath of the Wild. But the big reveal was that not only is the game finished in development but it's available to buy and play right now. EA will, however, monetise the game through paid cosmetic modifications to Javelins, much like the skins in Fortnite.

After the severe criticism EA received for Battlefront 2 past year, this time around the company has vowed to change the game. Players will wield an arsenal of Javelin exosuits, each equipped with unique weapons and abilities. It all sounds very similar to what Bungie envisioned Destiny to originally be. The Javelins change up the gameplay in various ways with a whole host of different abilities for each one. Players will basically be able to wreck practically any building or structure they want. More information regarding the game's story titled Nordly's War Story will be announced during Microsoft's Press Conference tomorrow. The new game is available at Microsoft Store from today onwards on platforms like PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

In fiscal year 2018, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $5.2 billion. With its October 19 launch date looming, we're bound to finally see some live gameplay at E3.

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