What Game Were You Most Excited by From EA's 2018 E3 Conference?

The suits are called Javelins. The release date of the PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC title is potentially February 19, 2019. From even more info about Anthem from BioWare, to Unravel 2 - even that mysterious Star Wars game that Respawn has been working on - there was quite a bit to enjoy. Players will be able to customize and personalize their suits with unique paint jobs and gear so they'll have the right tools to confront nearly any situation, and look good doing it. It'll come out simultaneously for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, though it's a safe bet that EA Access and Origin Access will offer their usual Play First Trials several days earlier on Xbox One and PC respectively. "It gives us an opportunity to drop in an event that changes the game play for everyone".

Many see it as the successor to BioWare's Mass Effect series, which has been killed off for the time being. A big part of Anthem will be the concept of "Our World, My Story" which will allow players to share a world, but lead their own story and have their actions have impact, so they can feel that they have agency like in a single player game.

We'll have to see if the game can accomplish that sort of long life, but EA is doing what it can to ensure it is appealing before it launches. More so when you consider that EA doesn't really have any big games slated for that time of the year.

There will be cosmetics and vanity items available for purchase, but there will be no loot boxes. Before opening the event to fans and media alike for the next three days, the publisher hosted a conference to showcase some of their most noteworthy titles like Anthem, Unravel Two, and Battlefield V. It's shaping up to be exactly what I'm looking forward too. "The romantic stuff, we're moving away from that for Anthem". EA hasn't gone anywhere near the concept of stat-altering loot yet, but at least we know we'll be able to look rad.

She explained that community feedback on other BioWare IPs like Dragon Age and Mass Effect has driven them to write the story in such a way as to leave opportunities to expand the universe and the lore later down the road.

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