Starfield is Bethesda's first new original franchise in 25 years

Top 10 Best Reveals from E3 2018 So Far

Bethesda also announced a brand new Elder Scrolls Game for mobile, and you can already pre-register it on the Play Store. You can play the game solo, but with multiplayer as an option - open world, survival, and every person is real. With the briefest of teasers and a familiar stirring in the audio department as a powerful choir chanted versus of power, Bethesda ended their night on the highest of notes.

The whole game can be played either in either horizontal or landscape mode. In the game, some of the dungeons are handcrafted while others are procedurally generated. Impossibly stylish demon-slaying action game Devil May Cry, from Capcom, returned after a 10-year absence. Cyberpunk 2077, from the developers of The Witcher 3, was also shown for the first time. Nevertheless, this should be a great news for all Elder Scrolls fans out there that have been waiting for the sequel to the 2011's Skyrim.

It'll be hard for the remaining publishers to top Bethesda's E3 presentation. Their quest is to locate their father in a Nazi-occupied 1980s Paris. We're definitely not going to hear more about this game before Fallout 76 releases in November, and it's very likely that we won't hear anything new until E3 2019. Players will create their own base with friends in 4-player coop. According to Howard, the population will be kept to dozens rather than thousands of players, and everyone will be able to co-operate or fight over resources. Bethesda mentioned that they want all versions of the game to connect to each other.

But there's a catch: Bethesda's Todd Howard mentioned that Elder Scrolls VI would be their next major release after another game, an original sci-fi property called Starfield, which Howard introduced as being a "next-generation" title. There were no further details.

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