Voters should apply early for absentee ballots

Voters should apply early for absentee ballots

Numbers released by Elections Ontario showed that 58.04 per cent of the approximately 9.8 million registered voters cast a ballot.

The Elections Office at the Rood Center also served as a vote center and 379 voters cast their ballot directly at the office, 279 on election day.

That number tops the turnouts from the past three provincial elections in 2007, when 56.8 per cent of those on the voters' list cast a ballot; 2011, when turnout dropped to 51.9 per cent; and 2014, which saw voter turnout of 52.5 per cent.

The Progressive Conservatives handily formed a majority government in Thursday's election, winning 76 seats with 40.4 per cent of the popular vote.

Larger polling stations will have an electronic database with the voter roll and ballots will be fed into a tabulator machine.

When you head into the voting booth, you can mark an X for your preferred candidate or you can decline the ballot.

Voters in Pontotoc County who want to have absentee ballots mailed to them for the June 26 primary election and the town of Roff special election should apply now, County Election Board Secretary Cathleen Branscum said Thursday.

Even though news organizations ranging from the Sacramento Bee to the Associated Press have called all the major races in Sacramento County, there is still a substantial backlog of ballots to count at the Sacramento County Board of Elections.

"It is also a violation of the Act to publish a photo on your social media channels or elsewhere of a completed ballot".

The chaotic provincial campaign, which was reflected locally by a close-fought race between incumbent Vic Fedeli and NDP challenger Henri Giroux, spurred more voters to the polls than in any election since 2003.

If you missed the deadline to register to vote, thanks to a new law, you can still do so at the Registrar of Voters in person.

The voter information card, that you should have received in the mail by now, and a piece of identification with your name on it is all you need.

To find out where to vote, go to Elections Ontario's page on Voter Information Service.

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