Trump Threatens To End Trade With United States' Closest Allies

May will try to persuade Donald Trump to reverse his steel and aluminium tariffs

G7 leaders pledged Saturday to ensure Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful in a joint statement between the USA and European allies angered by Donald Trump's pullout from an internationally-agreed accord.

He says he spoke with world leaders about his trade policies and called for the elimination of tariffs, trade barriers or subsidies. "It's going to change, 100%". Tariffs will come way down.

"We're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing ― and that ends", the president said.

But, he said, the USA could no longer tolerate "brutal" deals, even threatening to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement if he didn't get his way.

Trump's counterparts in the G7 have been scrambling this week to try to find some semblance of consensus with Washington on trade and the other key issues that have formed the basis of the 42-year-old organization.

"The president will continue to say what he says at various occasions", Trudeau said.

Trudeau refused, and the meeting was off.

But his early departure means he will miss a working session among the leaders on climate change and clean energy, as well as talks among the G7 and poorer countries focused on the health of oceans.

But during his comments on Saturday morning, Trump said there were still a number of different ways the NAFTA talks could play out, including the possibility of doing separate deals with Mexico and Canada, effectively cleaving the 20-year agreement in two.

"We are committed to permanently ensuring that Iran's nuclear program remains peaceful, in line with its worldwide obligations and commitments to never seek, develop or acquire a nuclear weapon" the leaders said in the statement.

"I don't know if there was surprise with president Trump's free trade proclamation but they certainly listened to it and we had lengthy discussions about that", Trump's economic advisor Larry Kudlow said.

"Were looking for peace in the world".

Trump repeated his criticism of Canada's supply managed dairy industry, one of his favourite targets in Twitter posts, including this week prior to his arrival in Canada.

Canada is now adding the tariffs to its list of deal breakers on NAFTA.

Still, the United States and European Union will establish a dialogue on trade within the next two weeks, signaling a modest step forward for the bitterly divided allies of the G7.

Just hours after agreeing to the joint communique with his G7 allies, the US president tweeted from his plane that he had told his officials to abandon American support for the document in an eye-opening move that could threaten the future of the club.

A photo tweeted by the German government spokesman, @RegSprecher, captured the mood, showing a seated Trump, arms crossed, surrounded by other leaders standing over him.

Heading into the leaders' summit in the town of La Malbaie, there were deep concerns the G7 alliance was fast becoming a G6 plus one because of a widening gulf between the USA and the rest of the group in key areas such as climate and trade.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced he told President Trump he will go through retaliatory tariffs after Mr. Trump's decision not to exempt allies such as Canada from tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. "But the relationships are very good", he said.

Trump said at the White House just before departing.

The G7 meeting had threatened to fall apart this week because of the burgeoning trade war.

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