Researchers Create A ‘Psychopath’ AI By Feeding It Reddit Captions

The researchers who built this AI have aptly made a decision to call it "Norman", based on the character from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho; some of you might know him from A&E Network's Bates Motel. Their newest artificial intelligence creation, named Norman, has been deliberately from "the darkest corners of Reddit", and now all it thinks about is murder. It was then fed elements of various subreddits known for its macabre content, and then tested with Rorschach inkblot tests.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created an artificial intelligence labeled a "psychopath", using disturbing image captions found on Reddit.

Once trained, Norman was tasked with describing Rorschach inkblots - a common test used to detect underlying thought disorders - and the results were compared with a standard image captioning neural network trained on the MSCOCO data set. Another test saw the standard AI answer with, "a black and white photo of a small bird", while Norma responded with, "man gets pulled into dough machine". Where the standard AI sees "a close up of a wedding cake on a table", Norman, our malicious AI robokiller sees "a man killed by speeding driver".

Norman's output in the test includes people being electrocuted, shot and stabbed, among other atrocities, where other image captioning AI programs see things like flocks of birds or pictures of umbrellas.

The goal with Norman was to prove that when people say that an AI can be biased and unfair, the fault isn't the algorithm but the biased data that the algorithm consumes. However, the team does say that this subreddit is "dedicated to documenting and observing the disturbing reality of death".

"Since Norman only observed horrifying image captions, it sees death in whatever image it looks at", the developers said. AI can also be used for good, like when MIT managed to create an algorithm called "Deep Empathy" a year ago, to help people relate to victims of disaster.

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