SpaceX postpones the Falcon 9 rocket launch to June 4

GETTYSpaceX is set to launch another Falcon 9 rocket into space this morning

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket carried the payload from Space Launch Complex 40 in Florida at around 12:45 am local time.

Martin Halliwell, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SES shows confidence in Falcon 9 rocket and says the rocket is flight worthiness despite its reuse. This mission was aimed at transferring the communications satellite SES-12 into its "geostationary transfer orbit".

SpaceX readied a Falcon 9 rocket for launch early Monday to boost a powerful SES communications satellite into orbit, providing direct-to-home video, high-speed data relay, broadband, maritime and aircraft connectivity across the Asia-Pacific region, Australia and the Middle East.

About 27 feet tall and almost 12,000 pounds heavy, Halliwell joked that the spacecraft built by Airbus Defense and Space in France hardly fit into the nose of the Falcon 9 rocket or payload fairing.

The company SpaceX Elon musk moved to end 2018 mid 2019 commercial launch his spaceship with humans to orbit the moon, reports the with reference to Stranaya.

It can help provide with Internet services to mobile operators, passengers on airplanes, cruise liners, as well as remote areas that are still without reliable connections.

"We get a lot of performance from this vehicle", Halliwell said of the Falcon 9. The SES, which is a Luxembourg-based telecom company, said that the SES-12 is one among its biggest launches aimed at providing crucial information to the Earth. The spent stage then fell away and the single engine powering the second stage took over to continue the trip to space.

The firm launched the Block 5 for the first time on May 11 following a botched attempt the day before in which a flight was aborted less than a minute before lift-off. This has it carrying larger satellites into orbit.

The second stage of the Falcon 9 is the latest Block 5 version, which is the rocket's final iteration.

This is part of SpaceX's wider goal to make launching rockets similar to commercial flights, where they "can be flown again and again".

Musk has referred to the Block 5 as the "finished version" of SpaceX's Falcon 9, as it has been created to endure up to 100 flights in a single lifespan.

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