ASUS announces ROG Phone for gaming

ASUS announces ROG Phone for gaming

If you're a hardcore mobile gamer, is this the phone you've been waiting for? Well, if you have the right hardware that is. Asus also said the phone would reach showrooms by Q3, 2018 though what remains to be seen if there is a big enough market for such phones.

We did click a couple of images from the ROG Phone's dual rear cameras that includes a 12MP and an 8MP sensor but found to be slightly on the lower side. With the ROG Phone, the firm has introduced as many as four accessories to enhance the gaming experience. A full metal body with a glass back is accented throughout with aggressive-looking streaks and lines. It has cooling vents with a dual camera system on the back.

It's interesting to note that the device has three USB Type-C ports, one is at the bottom where you'd expect it and two are conjoined and placed on the left. Sure, Asus didn't hit Razer's mark of 120 Hz, but let's not forget we have AMOLED vs LCD technology here.

The other accessories that ASUS is offering with their ROG Phone is where things get interesting for the device. You can program each trigger for an exact action - be it a swipe or a tap. When not in-game, the triggers can be programmed as app shortcuts. Finally, you can get the Mobile Desktop Dock for a desktop-style gaming experience. You can map them to any function within the game as long as it is supported. There's one major difference though: The chip model in the ROG Phone has been "overclocked" to 2.96GHz, whereas the typical Snapdragon 845 chip in most high-end Android smartphones is clocked at 2.8GHz. It also includes front-facing speakers, a force-feedback engine, enhanced cooling and even a 6000mAh battery pack. On the front, there's an 8 MP snapper.

In terms of battery, ASUS has packed a massive 4,000 mAh battery into this device. The ROG Phone feels built from the ground up to be a gaming phone. That's not all. The phone also supports a specialised accessory with a dual-screen called the TwinView Dock.

For this vapor-chamber cooling system, which may seem odd for an Android phone, it is created to keep the device's internals cool even during your intense gaming sessions. It has ports for charging and headphones that lead the cables away from your grip as you play, so that you can plug your cables in a more comfortable spot during prolonged gaming sessions.

There is also a TwinView dock that adds an additional 6-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen and controls.

Gamevice Gamepad - Like the name reads, the add-on offers a gamepad-like dock which allows you to game using a bunch of mechanical keys on the Gamepad. Alternatively, you can use the two screens to multitask.

The WiGi dock can also connect to smart TVs, and it can stream games from the ROG Phone to the TV. It also activates the fan on the optional AeroActive Cooler accessory. Again, pricing and availability is unknown at this stage, but we did get a ballpark figure of $200 excluding tax from a nearby Asus product manager. According to Asus' own site, the screen has a 1ms response time, 108.6 percent DCI-P3 color gamut and 10000:1 contrast ratio, as well as 10-point multi-touch support (with support for Glove Touch).

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