Suspect hits man with sledgehammer in road rage attack

Suspect hits man with sledgehammer in road rage attack

Philadelphia police are still searching for the victims and the pickup driver.

A risky scene involving a man with a sledgehammer was caught on surveillance cameras in a Philadelphia parking lot.

The video shows a red truck follow an SUV into a Philadelphia parking lot Tuesday.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video by a nearby business.

A video posted to social media captures a man swinging at an SUV driver with a sledgehammer, breaking the driver's window.

The attacker hits the passenger with the sledgehammer as he limps off to get back in the SUV.

When the SUV passenger got up and tried to get back in the auto, the suspect hit him with the sledgehammer and then broke the SUV's rear window, police said. As the driver of the vehicle tries to get away, the passenger side door opens and someone falls out, that passenger is then attacked by the hammer-wielding suspect. The man in the yellow shirt appears to strike the man in the blue shirt with the sledgehammer. Police are looking into the incident.

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