Michael Cohen Prison Oddsmaker For May 23, 2018: Today's Chances Are LOL!

Head of the RIA Novosti Ukraine website Kirill Vyshinsky in the court of Kherson on suspicions of high treason and support of the self-proclaimed Donbass republics

The government of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko paid at least $400,000 to Michael Cohen, the personal lawyer of USA president Donald Trump, to arrange a meeting at the White House, according to a blockbuster report by the BBC, citing "sources in Kiev close to those involved".

Mr. Cohen, who was not registered as a representative of Ukraine, was brought in because Ukraine's registered lobbyists and its embassy in Washington could get Mr. Poroshenko little more than a photo op with Mr. Trump while the Ukrainian leader "needed something that could be portrayed as 'talks, '" the broadcaster reported.

On Tuesday, The Times reported that Freidman, who was indicted past year on felony charges of criminal tax fraud and grand larceny by the ny attorney general, agreed to cooperate with the government as a potential witness as part of a plea deal with the state of ny.

Nonetheless, Mr. Freidman's agreement to cooperate in his tax fraud case in Albany could have larger implications.

Freidman had been accused of failing to pay more than $5 million in taxes and five other criminal counts each carrying maximum prison sentences of up to 25 years. "Michael is dear dear personal friend and a passive client!"

"The "Taxi King" built his empire by stealing from New Yorkers-pocketing money that should instead have been invested in our transportation system", said Schneiderman.

Lawyers for Cohen are due in federal court in Manhattan next week for a conference with the judge overseeing review of the evidence seized by the U.S.in the April raid.

Cohen at the time proved himself a successful emissary for Russian interests, delivering the proposal to Michael Flynn, then Trump's national security adviser and now a cooperating witness in Mueller's investigation.

Public records show that Cohen took out a business loan in late 2014 for an unspecified amount using three taxi companies as collateral.

On Tuesday though, authorities allowed Freidman to avoid jail time by pleading guilty to just one count of evading $50,000 in taxes in exchange for his cooperation. He in turn used personal contacts in a Jewish charity in NY state, Chabad of Port Washington. "Gene Freidman and I are not partners and have never been partners in this business or any other".

Sources in Kiev say the payment was made by intermediaries acting for the President Petro Poroshenko, even though Cohen was not registered as a representative of Ukraine as required by USA law. As part of the deal, Cohen offered up his $9 million Park Ave. apartment, as well as money he might receive from Freidman for managing his taxis, as additional collateral.

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