WWE 'Smackdown' Up for Grabs as NBCUniversal Moves to Pin Down 'Raw'

WWE 'Smackdown' Up for Grabs as NBCUniversal Moves to Pin Down 'Raw'

Initially airing on SyFy, they moved SD to US full time in January 2016, but while it now boasts the sixth biggest audience among original cable shows, the blue brand will likely be ditched in favour of keeping Raw.

WWE's deal with NBC Universal is expected to end in September 2019, and a decision on where the company goes is expected to occur later this year.

For the past few years now, NBCUniversal owned the rights to both WWE Raw and Smackdown Live.

Belloni also reported that the entertainment industry giants are working on a TV rights deal for Raw that would triple the value of their current contract, which is why NBCU would allow SmackDown Live to go to the highest bidder.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that NBCUniversal declined to re-sign Smackdown Live meaning the show is being shopped around to various other TV network stations.

The main thing WWE needs to agree on is that Smackdown Live needs to air preferably on Tuesday nights in order for the show to stay being "live". Back in 2012, Major League Baseball, Fox Sports Media Group and Turner Broadcasting entered an eight-year national media rights deal for postseason games said to be worth $12.4 billion.

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