Elon Musk plans to build 150mph train system underneath Los Angeles

Elon Musk will discuss The Boring Company's Hyperloop plans for Los Angeles on Thursday.    Reuters  Mike Blake

Musk first had the idea to build congestion-dodging tunnels under LA while stuck in traffic in December 2016. The tunnels would be small and no bigger than parking size, located throughout the city. On Thursday night in Brentwood, Elon Musk explained his plan to alleviate traffic.

Mr Musk, the Silicon Valley tycoon who founded Tesla, the electric vehicle company, said he would offer free trips through the first two research tunnels he completes to get public feedback before proceeding with a larger system.

On Tuesday, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk retweeted an LA Metro tweet that said it's moving forward with its plan to create a network of tunnels under Los Angeles that will house a new electric transportation system called 'Loop'.

The tunnels aren't a part of the nationwide Hyperloop system, which would transport people in pressurized tubes at tremendous speeds. Thursday evening, at the Leo Baeck Temple in the prosperous neighborhood of Bel-Air, Musk made a presentation, according to which the network of Musk's Boring Company, if and when it gets constructed, would carry passengers from Dodger Stadium near downtown L.A.to Los Angeles International Airport in 10 minutes. Opponents say the exemption Boring seeks from a lengthy environmental review of the Los Angeles test tunnel violates state law forbidding such waivers for large-scope projects on a piecemeal basis. "Wow. It's an incredible alternative for mass transportation in the city of Los Angeles", Susane Gearin said.

The Boring Company
The Boring Company

Davis said Musk has challenged his team to match the digging pace of a snail (0.03 MPH), and get up to 1/10th of the average walking speed of a human at about 0.3 miles per hour - compared to its current top speed of about 0.003 miles per hour. Musk commented, "we're not suggesting this to the exclusion of other approaches".

A slightly shorter test tunnel is already largely finished underneath the tiny neighboring municipality of Hawthorne, where Boring and SpaceX are both headquartered. "In our mind, you won't hear us, you won't see us, you won't feel us, you won't even know we exist", Davis said.

Musk said that Boring Company Loop's vision of the future would be much more congruous with city life than subways, and that while it was very hard to weave large stations into a city, building many more parking spot-sized stations could theoretically be much more effective.

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