New Overwatch Anniversary Skin Revealed

New Overwatch Anniversary Skin Revealed

Overwatch's Anniversary 2018 event kicks off next week, but Blizzard is getting the celebration started early with new skin reveals. Additionally it looks like Tracer is going to go fast in a new Epic "Lightning Tracer" skin.

The latest Developer Update from Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan runs through various details of the event, including revealing a little more information about the mysterious upcoming Deathmatch map "Petra". I know you all love hearing about those.

Little is known about the map beyond its name, but Kaplan states that it will include areas suitable for all types of heroes and a brand-new "mega health pack" at its center.

"Petra is handsome", Kaplan said during Wednesday's Developer Update video. There's parts of the map that are great for open, long-range heroes. Soldier:76 received a legendary skin in the game's first version of the Anniversary event, and his new skin is an epic skin. This will contain one guaranteed Anniversary item, as well as a random item from any previous Overwatch event.

For those who have missed any of those aforementioned Overwatch events, look for all of the seasonal brawls and missions to make their return during the Overwatch Anniversary event. There are eight Legendary Skins, and we think they're really impressive.

Most importantly though, just like last year's Anniversary Event, this year's lootboxes will give players the opportunity to unlock every single cosmetic item from all past seasonal events.

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