Nuggets hoping for a lot of luck at National Basketball Association draft lottery

The top three picks are determined by a ping pong ball drawing, and the teams with the worst record have the best odds of winning the lottery.

Heading into tonight's lottery, the worst they can do is fifth, and while that would certainly be a disappointment given their second-worst overall record, it's still a good pick. Atlanta (13.7 percent) and the Magic (8.8 percent) wrap up the top five.

If the Knicks can move up into the top three they'll have a chance to get their choice of Luka Doncic, Marvin Bagley, Jaren Jackon, DeAndre Ayton, and Michael Porter.

Let's start with the basics.

Who are the top prospects in the 2018 draft? The 2018 draft is stocked with potential star big men, which would benefit Boston greatly.

New head coach Igor Kokoskov said the Suns have the foundation to be "really, really strong" based on what shakes out Tuesday night. Poor draft decisions save for Kemba Walker has impacted them greatly. "He's brought 'em luck before, getting a No. 1 pick, hopefully he brings us luck again tonight". They were still fortunate enough to wind up with Kristaps Porzingis that year despite their bad fortune. That's what happens when a team makes the playoffs for 21 consecutive seasons, the longest mark in the National Basketball Association.

Doncic is the most-hyped global draft prospect since Ricky Rubio back in 2009, and the highest-calibre since Yao Ming 15 years ago. The pick has an 87 percent chance to remain in the 10th spot.

Either scenario could have a significant impact on LeBron James' future with the franchise that drafted him. Cleveland has the eighth best odds (via Brooklyn). Boston is already very good and only going to get better in coming years. The NBA playoffs are in the conference-final stage, and the draft lottery is set to take place on Tuesday, but rumors keep flying from all different directions. Former Alabama point guard Collin Sexton is projected to become the Crimson Tide's first lottery pick since 1995 when forward Antonio McDyess was selected No. 2 overall by the Los Angeles Clippers. The Grizzlies also have the No. 32 pick, but Memphis' 2019 first-round pick is owed to the Boston Celtics.

Stay with me here, because this can get convoluted in a hurry.

While it's highly unlikely, the Sixers might have to surrender that pick to the Celtics as part of last summer's trade with Boston for the right to move up and draft Markelle Fultz.

Not much difference there between the two picks. Chance for top-three pick: 29.1 percent.

After finishing the 2017-18 campaign with a league-worst 21-61 record, the Suns can not fall out of the top four selections.

The Lakers have the No. 25 and No. 47 overall picks in the 2018 NBA Draft. But if it did, imagine a world where Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are playing alongside Doncic. In 1993, it was Chris Webber, who was traded for Penny Hardaway. "Since it was a one-time experience you kind of really don't know what to do".

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