Draft Lottery set to impact futures of NBA teams

In the almost 40 years that the Mavs have been an National Basketball Association franchise, they have selected in the top 6 of the draft only 9 times.

It looks like the Lakers' pick could wind up at No. 10, but the lottery will make that final determination.

But if the pick lands anywhere between two and five, it gets transferred to the Celtics. Cleveland has the eighth best odds (via Brooklyn). There is still a 1.1 percent chance Philadelphia lands the No. 1 overall pick which would rule out Sexton. With that in mind, the chances of Cleveland moving up, even just a couple of spots, may be pretty solid.

Ten years ago, they hit the lottery, and a new era of their franchise was born.

The uncertainty surrounds the Los Angeles Lakers' first-round pick.

Aside from where the Nets pick falls LeBron James may have a vested interest in where each team selects. It's time to get this team back into the playoffs. They can not afford to go down 0-2. When I didn't have belief in myself to be a coach, I think Doc said, 'You know, you're going to be a great coach someday.' And I really didn't believe it because I really didn't want to coach when I played for Doc.

"With that said, each draft features a healthy number of players who are capable of contributing to winning teams either as starters or in important rotational roles". The Cavs could send off Tristan Thompson or one of their guards as part of a deal.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Los Angeles Clippers have a 0.6 percent chance of being the first overall pick and a 2.2 percent chance at landing in the top three. While it may not matter now for Cleveland what happens with this pick, long-term it very could.

Ayton's time at the University of Arizona would quickly make him a hometown hero in Phoenix, and his incredible build makes him a flawless fit for one of the team's biggest positions of need at center.

"Doncic would also be a tremendous fit alongside Devin Booker in the backcourt, even though his size (6'7") suggests his position to be that of a wing more than a potential franchise point guard.

The Grizzlies (19.9 percent) and Mavericks (13.8 percent), respectively, have the next best odds of picking first. NY certainly wouldn't be a bad landing spot for Sexton in terms of commercial value and endorsements.

Jesse's Notebook: The NBA Lottery is just a few days away, and I am excited to get a set draft order out as it will give us a better sense of how the draft might ultimately play out. Instead, the Sacramento Kings slide down to eight.

The Chicago Bulls ends up at seven and the Orlando Magic finish at six. If its the top overall pick, it goes to the Sixers.

Arizona center Deandre Ayton and Real Madrid swingman Luka Doncic will battle for the right to be selected first overall, although both players have the potential to emerge as long-term building blocks. Will it be the lottery that brings Marvin Bagley III or Miles Bridges to Chicago?

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